Bluetooth History



Bluetooth is a type of wireless technology that is embedded in electronic devices to facilitate communications at short distances. People can easily share different types of files such as music, documents, voice, and video over a wireless network thanks to Bluetooth. The Bluetooth technology uses radio waves just like phones and TV for communication. The Bluetooth technology is commonly referred to as a personal network as it transmits files over short distances.

The technology used by Bluetooth is believed to have been invented in 1940 for the military. It is common to see many inventions that came up in the military. It was at this time that most countries were at war, and they needed every new technology to outsmart their opponents. It was until 1994 that a company called Ericsson developed the Bluetooth technology to its full production. By 1998, many companies had opted to join Ericsson to ensure the continuation of this amazing technology. This included Motorola, Nokia, and other major phone manufacturers. It is through such platforms that the technology gained more popularity in many other companies.

Why the name Bluetooth?

Many people are always asking how the company finally came to settling for the name Bluetooth. At first, the technology was called Multi-Communicator links. The company later on found MC links unsuitable. Bluetooth is the name of a Danish King called Harold Bluetooth. The developers of the technology somehow were fascinated by his way of ruling and decided to adopt the name. The king was known for introducing Christianism and unified a number of different groups in the kingdom.

At first, the speed achieved by the Bluetooth technology was just 736kbps. That was quite low by the standards of transferring files at that time. Wi-Fi the biggest competitor technology was doing much better. However, over the years, the technology has been developed to improve the speed of transferring files.

When Bluetooth was first created, it was meant to remove all the clutter of having cables around everything. This was for popular devices such as keyboards and mice for personal computers. However, things have changed, and now Bluetooth is being used on different devices. Now you can avoid causing accidents by using the Bluetooth headset, listening to music through wireless headphones and speakers. There a number of medical equipment that use Bluetooth technology to aid in patient care.

Bluetooth is an awesome technology that has been around for a while now. Many people have got used to the idea that they can easily share their files with less hustle than before. Bluetooth technology varies from one device to another. Some devices might have the updated technology while other might not have it. Some people compare the Bluetooth technology to email marketing programs.

Taking the example of Infusionsoft vs. Ontraport, a person will be looking at some key factors before settling with one company. It is the same for Bluetooth as here are the different things a person will consider before picking a Bluetooth device.

– The speed of transferring files
– The different applications of the device
– The cost of buying the device
– The ease of connecting the Bluetooth device. A guide should always be provided for complex devices.

It goes without mentioning that Bluetooth technology is the best thing that happened to wireless communication. This meant that people never had to worry about transmitting information using the cables. This was supposed to help people who need to transmit data when they did not have a cable around. The Bluetooth technology had a slow start but later on picked up to become one of the best wireless technologies we use today.

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Bluetooth technology

Bluetooth technology

The Bluetooth technology for a long time has been used in the transfer of files from one device to another with success. Over the years, the technology has evolved to increase the speed of transferring the files, making it more reliable. Now a number of devices actually use the technology to enable them connect to different devices with the same Bluetooth technology. It is the reason you will find CB radios with Bluetooth technology pairing with mobile phones for message broadcast.

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The businesses have actually made the most out of this Bluetooth technology. Many companies are finding it easy for different devices in the companies to communicate in short ranges by using this technology. There is still a lot to benefit from implementing the Bluetooth technology. At first when Bluetooth was launched, many people were skeptical about its use since it had lower speeds than the wireless technology present at that time. Now things are quite different.

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Setting Up Your Own Bluetooth Website

bluetooth technology

bluetooth technology

If you are as much of a fan of Bluetooth technology as we are, you might be thinking about setting up your own website to talk about the wireless innovation and its various awesome features. After all, this is the technology that has almost made wired devices seem obsolete.

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